Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Moonlight sonata

In recent paintings this fall have been dealing with nocturnes and the moon.  
The painting below has a moon that is hard to see from the photo but is pink and right above the creek hovering on the right side.  I couldn't help but think of the  Nick Drake song "Pink Moon".

If I knew how to put links to songs I would put one here. 

This painting in progress is of Walker Creek in West Gloucester.  
The moon is more visible here.  I do feel that with a full moon we can feel it in our bodies.  The tides being pulled and the water that is in our body.  Neil Young records his music when there is a full moon because he thinks it will be better.  I don't think too much about it but I do notice when the moon is full and try to make a painting that day just encase. 
With the study below I was trying to get the effect of clouds passing in front of the moon.  The artist Albert Pinkham Ryder comes to mind.  I really enjoy the composition of these paintings. In the painting below the road leads us to the moon.   Then the little cloud to the right of the moon leads our eye back down to the house.  I should say leads my eye as I don't know how others read paintings. Many of his paintings feel balanced this way.  If you play the game and cover some of the shapes for example either cloud on the moo in the second painting the painting is thrown out of balence.

Moonlight Study
Oil on panel

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