Thursday, May 28, 2009


A few years back I became interested in painting roads as subject matter.  When I learned about our distant Scottish relative John MacAdam of road fame, I would think about the roads as we would drive and take pride that a family member had something to do with there invention taking the Roman road and improving it.  This is one of the first photographs that I used for reference in the road paintings. 

The photographs I made to record this phenomenon of movement in space.  I
discovered that the photograph itself held these properties of seeing that surprised me. I did not expect the highway to appear beautiful and mysterious.
So much is moving around us.  We see beauty out of the corner of our eye.  Our days blur by but there are those few moments of clarity and stillness that we cherish.  

Tree by the Road Side
Oil on canvas

Eastern Glow
36 x48
Oil on panel

128 South
36 x48
Oil on panel

Road at Twilight
36 x 48
Oil on canvas
Private Collection

Truck on the highway ...
When I first showed these to Ivan Karp he asked if I had shown any one else.  He was one of my art heroes so to hear that he liked them and that I was on the right road so to speak was a dream come true.  I trust his judgement and for him to say that he liked them and wanted to show them was a full circle from being in college and seeing him gallery from the street and hoping one day to show there.  Life is strange and wonderful!  

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