Saturday, January 2, 2016

The New Year

             "Water moving over stones"
                    5x7 oil on panel

As a year comes to a close and another begins I naturally think of life cycles and the death and rebirth.  I find inspiration in these moments where the metaphors of life and death are layers out.  The sunrise and sunsets are a constant reminder of birth and then the closing.  The highway and roads are also a clear metaphor for life's journey played out in so many songs but still hits me. 

Truck on the road
Oil on panel

 I remember looking out the window on road trips. On a long car ride the imagination would take over and I would enter into a day dream.  Sometimes I would imagine that we were from a time long past and in the future marveling at the cars and buildings.  This is a helpful habit for an artist.  Take nothing for granted! As an artist I am a witness to this time and place and record it for those that come after.  To see the beauty in this world and contemplate it before it fades or becomes something else.

               "Tree on the road side"
                 36x24 oil on canvas