Friday, December 30, 2016

Canvas or Panel?

A friend asked the other day which I prefer painting on, canvas or panel.  I have been painting on larger canvases as of late but I do hate the sound of the canvas if I am constantly dabbing on an area.  Painting outdoors it is better to work on a panel as the light will not go through the back of the canvas if I am painting into the sun.  The stiffness of panel also I like painting against.  Sometimes the give of a canvas id too much.  That said canvas has its own properties that I like as well.  Much lighter when painting large is nice.  Haling around big panels can be tough.  Another option that I have tried and like is to glue the canvas or linen to a board.  This world well and you can get the texture of the linen as well as taking care of the problems with canvas that I have mentioned.  If a sharp object pokes the canvas you have something behind to protect it as well.

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