Friday, September 22, 2017

Question and Answer with Chris Larson of Rivers and Roads.

How long have you been painting, at what point did you realize this would be a vocation for you? I have been painting since high school.  My first oil painting was a self portrait Junior year.  I realised my first year in college that I wanted to make the visual arts a vocation.

Earliest Art memory? My first memory seems to be looking down at the street from a crib near the window watching people walking down below.

Favorite places or scenery to paint and why? I love to paint the sky and water; as it is always changing and is so challenging, and rewarding to try and imitate light, and its reflection with oil paint.

Who influences your art the most? George Inness and John Constable.

constable sky and tree.jpg

What is the biggest challenge you've faced as an artist? One of the most challenging and rewarding projects was painting commissioned landscapes of Central Park.  It was a challenge to have to paint in the park and also install the work in the apartment that overlooked the Park itself. Also painting outside in England, in bad weather was quite a challenge.



Works you are most proud of? My recent larger studio paintings of Choate Island, in Essex Bay, Massachusetts.

hog island.jpg

Memories of special places (physical/metaphorical) your art has taken you? Some favorite memories are going to museums in Italy, and seeing great works of art for the first time.  These were spiritual experiences for me. Metaphorically art has “opened my mind” to new ways of seeing the world and appreciating the beautiful and “small” things in life.